Insulated Wine Bag Emergency Thirst Aid
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Insulated Wine Bag Emergency Thirst Aid

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  • Insulated Messenger Wine Bag

  • Woven Bag

  • Three insulated inner dividers allow for the safe and cool transport of up to three bottles of wine

  • The strap can be adjusted for shoulder or crossbody wear

  • FRONT PANEL ART: Emergency Thirst Aid Kit

  • INNER PANEL ART: When your life is in crisis, call WINE-1-1
  • INNER PANEL SCENES: Use as needed for temporary relief from:
    Tyrannical Boss "Caution: Drinking alcohol with tyrannical boss is not advisable"
    Household Chores
    Annoying Relatives "Heated political discussions may require heavier dosage."
    Unruly Children
    Telemarketers "I can save you a bundle if you switch today, blah blah blah."
    Hangovers (Wine Flu) "Not to be confused with 'still drunk'."
    Irritable Bitch Syndrome "See also: 'Chronic Bitch Face"
    Zombie Apocalypse
  • BACK PANEL ART: In case of emergency, pour glass.

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